PBQ: Photons Beyond Qubits MCIN: Mezinárodní centrum pro informaci a neurčitost


  • I. Derkach, V. C. Usenko, R. Filip: Advantages of cohrerent-state protocol in continuous-variable quantum key distribution with side-channels
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  • M. G. Jabbour, R. Garcia-Patron, and N. J. Cerf: Majorization preservation of Gaussian bosonic channels
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  • M. Mikova, M. Sedlak, I. Straka, M. Micuda, M. Ziman, M. Jezek, M. Dusek, and J. Fiurasek: Optimal entanglement-assisted discrimination of quantum measurements: experimental demonstration
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  • I. Straka, M. Mikova, M. Micuda, M. Jezek, and R. Filip: Conditional entanglement recovery by thermal environment probing
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  • I. Straka, A. Predojevic, T. Huber, L. Lachman, L. Butschek, M. Mikova, M. Micuda, G. S. Solomon, G. Weihs, M. Jezek, and R. Filip: Quantum non-Gaussian depth of single-photon states
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