PBQ: Photons Beyond Qubits MCIN: Mezinárodní centrum pro informaci a neurčitost


  • A. Cavaillès, H. LeJeannic, J. Raskop, K. Huang, O. Morin, and J. Laurat: Remote state preparation based on optical hybrid entanglement
    poster (pdf)
  • I. Derkach, V. C. Usenko, and R. Filip: Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution with imperfections on state preparation side
    poster (pdf)
  • J. Hlousek, I. Straka, M. Mikova, R. Filip, and M. Jezek: Towards a photon-number-resolving detector free of systematic errors
    poster (pdf)
  • M. Manceau, K.Yu. Spasibko, F. Thoma, D.A. Kopylov, T.V. Murzina, G. Leuchs, R. Filip, and M.V. Chekhova: Quantum noise enhanced through nonlinear optical effects: extreme events and extreme bunching
    poster (pdf)
  • P. Obsil, L. Slodicka, L. Lachman, P.-M. Tuan, O. CIp, and R. Filip: Observation of nonclassical light from large ensenble of trapped ions
    poster (png)
  • Y. Shiozawa, W. Asavanant, K. Nakashima, J. Yoshikawa and A. Furusawa: Generation of Highly Pure Schrödinger’s Cat State with Exponentially-Rising Wave Packet and Real-Time Quadrature Measurement
    poster (pdf)

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