Summer School on Quantum Physics and Quantum Information MCIN: Mezinárodní centrum pro informaci a neurčitost


  • B. Rogers, M. Paternostro, G.M. Palma, and G. De Chiara: Entanglement Control in Hybrid Optomechanical Systems
    poster (jpeg)
  • A.A. Berni, M.G.A. Paris, and U.L. Andersen: Adaptive Phase Estimation With Squeezed Thermal States
    poster (jpeg)
  • N.I. Kristiansen, S. Kumar, Z.-W. Lu, J.S. Neergaard-Nielsen, and U.L. Andersen: Coupling between a Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Diamond and a Waveguide
    poster (jpeg)
  • P. Marek, R. Filip, and J. Fiurášek: Universal quantum interface, Amplification of coherent states, and Elementary quantum gates
    poster (jpeg)
  • M. Ježek, I. Straka, M. Mičuda, M. Dušek, L. Mišta, Jr., J. Fiurášek, and R. Filip: Quantum non-Gaussian character of a heralded single-photon state
    poster (pdf)
  • M. Mičuda, I. Straka, M. Miková, M. Dušek, N.J. Cerf, J. Fiurášek, and M. Ježek: Noiseless loss suppression in quantum optical communication
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