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Trip to Olomouc


The city of Olomouc lies on the alluvial plain of the Morava river, in the heart of the so-called Haná region of Moravia, the eastern part of the Czech Republic. Global geographic position of the town centre is 49°45´ N 17°15´ E. The currency in Czech Republic is czech crown (Kč, CZK, approx. CZK 25/EUR, CZK 19/USD). Czech Republic is one of the European union countries where the Euro isn´t valid yet, but it is accepted at some stations, in hotels, stores and restaurants (the exchange rate may not be very good, though).

Travel to Olomouc

You can easily reach Olomouc by train or by car from several nearby international airports, namely Prague Airport and Vienna International Airport.

Prague Airport -> Prague Main Railway Station

When travelling by train, you get from Prague Airport to the main railway station “Hlavní nádraží” or railway station “Holešovice” best (and cheapest) by the city public transport (tickets available in marked newspaper kiosks and shops or in ticket dispensers/slot machines at the bus, tram or metro/underground stops, we recommend bus #119 to station “Dejvická”, from there metro/underground route A to station “Muzeum” and change for route C to the main railway station “Hlavní nádraží” or the railway station “Nádraží Holešovice”). You can also use the direct bus line “Airport Express (AE)” to “Nádraží Holešovice” (tickets can be bought from the bus driver for CZK 60). Other forms of transport from the airport are taxi and outsourced services (CZK 700, about 30 EUR).

Prague Main Railway Station -> Olomouc Main Railway Station

Olomouc is an important railway intersection in the country, with several connections to other cities and larger towns running daily. It is comfortably accesible from Prague within tree hours, trains run every hour or two. All trains are nice to travel with in the 2nd class (economy class, "2. trida" in Czech). You can use most of the train connections without a seat reservation, however, in the “SC Pendolino” trains a seat-reservation ticket is mandatory. Use IDOS for looking up a connection. The main railway station in Olomouc is located near to the city centre.

At the seat reservation ticket for a train (this is a separate document, in addition to the main train ticket, but both are of the same size), there is written your carriage number and you seat number. We recommend you to ask at the ticket office so that you know which number is which. With the tickets in hand, you just enter the train (you do not puncture the tickets) and you present the tickets to the conductor when he/she comes.

Olomouc Main Railway Station -> Faculty of Science

Here is a map how to get from railway station to Faculty of Science. The Faculty of Science is a new, long five-store black building, the address is 17. listopadu 12, Olomouc. It is about 15 minutes walking distance from the Olomouc Main Railway Station. You can also go by tram. There are two possibilities, either leave the tram at the Envelopa stop (tram #1, #7) or, with the ither lines, at the Zizkovo namesti stop (tram #2, #4, #6). Our department ("katedra informatiky" in Czech) is at the 5th floor.

Transportation in Olomouc

Olomouc has quite a good transportation network. City public transport in Olomouc is provided by tram and bus service. Single journey tickets for CZK 14 (40 minits) or 24 hour tickets for CZK 46 anywhere in the city can be bought in marked newspaper kiosks and shops or in ticket dispensers/slot machines at the bus or tram stops (or directly from the driver of the vehicle, however with a surcharge CZK 6). You can also buy 7 days ticket for CZK 126. Map of public transport in Olomouc. You can also use IDOS to look up a connection.


Olomouc region Card


There are many hotels available in the city of Olomouc.

More hotels can be found at It is also possible to use one of the university residences. Detailed information about this option is at

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