PBQ: Photons Beyond Qubits MCIN: Mezinárodní centrum pro informaci a neurčitost


Spring School:

  • Ulrik L. Andersen: Investigation and exploitation of squeezed states [pdf]

  • Julien Laurat: Sculpting and storing quantum light

  • Jun-ichi Yoshikawa: Heralded quantum states characterized by homodyne detection [pdf]

  • Nicolas Sangouard: Macroscopic Entanglement [pdf]

  • Simon Gröblacher: Quantum optomechanics with photonic crystal cavities [pdf]

  • Miroslav Ježek: Photonic simulation of quantum systems: combating noise and weak interaction [pdf]


  • Marco Bellini: A quantum state orthogonalizer and CV qubit generator

  • Sebastian Hofer: Quantum control in cavity optomechanics: theory and experiment [pdf]

  • Christoph Marquardt: From small to big: Quantum states from whispering gallery resonators and outer space [pdf]

  • Evgeney Shchukin: Genuine multipartite entanglement conditions [pdf]

  • Vittorio Peano: Tailoring the flow of light and sound in an optomechanical array [pdf]

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